“Chocolat”: Part Of ‘My French Film’

8 June 2017

As a part of ‘MY FRENCH FILM’, French Institute started to screen “Chocolat” Film at Mingalar Cinema of Gamonepwint Mall in Yangon on Wednesday night.

‘MY FRENCH FILM’ is involved in series of art performances brought by the French Institute for May and June, aiming to bring the best French Cultures to Myanmar.

“Chocolat” film is based on the true story of a black circus performer in the France of late 19th Century.

Organizer, French Institute, Sebastein BRIS: “So a very recent movie, it is a story about 2 clowns and especially, the first African Black clown in France,  and the friendship of the clowns, and the success they have in France at  the end of 19 century, so it is a very interesting movie about friendship, diversity and about the degradation as well.”

“Chocolat” film is one of the best French Movies released in 2016 and directed by Roschdy Zem. It’d bring benefits and fun as well, some audiences say.

May Htet Aung: I am studying French language not only at YUFL but also at French Institute. As a learner, I need to watch French movies. This movie can help me improve listening and speaking skills. I already read the movie preview – the film would be one of  my favorite French movies, I suppose.   

Kyaw Zin Phyo: I got a ticket from lucky draw. I think the film can bring funny sense because it is a story of the clowns.

“Chocolat” film continues to be on screen on every Wednesday of June and the ticket price ranges from 1500 ks to 4000 ks.