5th Tourism Conference: Aiming To Provide A Networking And Business Matching Platform

15 May 2017

The fifth edition of Myanmar Hospitality and Tourism Conference (MGTC) took place in Yangon, Monday.

The conference was organized with the cooperation of Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and support of Myanmar Tourism Federation.

This year conference aims to provide a networking and business matching platform to facilitate hospitality investment opportunities and hotel business management discussions in Myanmar.

Project Manager, Sphere exhibits private Limited, Jason Lim: “The purpose of the conference is primarily to showcase the development and investment opportunities within Myanmar and Similar to what we are doing the other countries just like the Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. The main idea is to tell people what are the opportunities are that countries and what are the investors.”

MHTC brings together regional and local investors, hospitality entrepreneurs, industry experts and government officials and delegations and offers the opportunity to work in network, learn about the latest development in Myanmar.

Major topics of the conference are hotel investment 2017 update, industry performance and outlook, Myanmar green season promotion, golf tourism and many others.

Vice Chairperson, Myanmar Tourism Federation, Su Su Tin: I think the conference brought together the hospitality and tourism professionals and investors to understand the investment and development opportunities the Myanmar. Myanmar Tourism sector is booming since 2011 but we have to fulfill the infrastructure development. Now, we have the “Green Season tourism” campaign, it will take place from May to September so the visitors can travel around Myanmar with reasonable prices.

The conference has been already hosted in Vietnam and Indonesia, now Myanmar and then it will lead for Maldives of Indian Ocean on August and for Philippines on January, 2018.

The Conferences will continue to expand MHTC to include the regional markets of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand in the new platform – Hospitality Investment Conference CLMVT 2017.