Coffee Board To Form: Myanmar Coffee Is In High Demand In International Market

9 June 2017

Myanmar Coffee Association, entrepreneurs and government officials are now preparing to form the coffee board, not only to encourage coffee growers but also quality control for the development of the coffee industry.

Myanmar has been exporting coffee to neighboring countries since 2002.Myanmar coffee exported to china, Japan, Korea, some European countries and the US.

The local companies said Myanmar coffee is in high demand in international market, but stressed the importance of assisting in the local coffee growers and quality control is still a challenge for them.

Executive Director, SITHAR Coffee Company, Thu Zaw: If we compare to neighboring countries, the amount of coffee production in our country is relatively small. So our strategy is to produce high-value specialty coffee. As Myanmar is a new market, the global interest on our coffee market is high. We are now able to enter into America, Japan and Europe market. Now we have demands from global market, but the most important thing is how to maintain the growth of the current demands by consistently preserving the quality and prices of our coffee.

Entrepreneurs are quite satisfied with the government encouragement, adding that trainings have been providing to extend the plantation, and expand into more international market. 

Executive Director, SITHAR Coffee Company, Thu Zaw: We are very pleased that the officials now understand the importance of coffee. Various trainings have been providing to local coffee growers, including technical trainings, market linkage, as well as raising awareness for the local consumers with the assistance of international experts. We are also trying to increase the plantation of coffee in eastern and southern part of Shan State.

According to the entrepreneurs, Myanmar produce over 7000 tons of coffee annually, and industry players assured that the growing market will strengthen the development of the country’s economy.