Conjoined Twins: 8th Operation ‘Successful’ At Yangon Children Hospital

16 July 2017

Yangon Children Hospital performed its 8th Conjoined Twins operation on Sunday and it’s successful.

It was in 1971 when the hospital carried out the first Conjoined Twins operation.

The conjoined twins named Sai Kham and Sai Ngin came through the operation well by 6 specialists along with their assistants.

Deputy Medical Superintendent, Yangon Children Hospital, Dr. Aung Tun Oo: Professor Dr. Aye Aye had taken care of them since the transfer from Kyaing Ton General Hospital in 2015. Their conditions are stable – they’re strong enough.  We have a team for Conjoined Twins operation. The government provided assistance for the operation.

Pediatric Surgeon, Professor Dr. Aye Aye : I’ve ever performed such operations for 6 times at Yangon Children Hospital and this is the 7th one. This time, the operation went well because we did with team work. The most important thing for such operation is team work.

The conjoined twins were born in March 2015 and transferred to Yangon Children Hospital in May, 2015. Their parents expressed their feelings on the operation.

Parent, Nant Kham Nwam: I was worried about my twin sons before the operation – despite the successful operation, I’m still worried. I thank the doctors and concerned persons for the operation.

 The 2 hours and 30 minutes long operation completed at 11:30 am.