Ecosystem: Survey For Conservation Of Myeik Archipelago

4 July 2017

A survey will be taken in order to conserve the ecosystem of over 800 islands of Myeik archipelago, the Rector of Myanmar Maritime University said.

The study will be taken on corals of Myeik archipelagoes, rare aquatic species, rainforest and other unique islands.

The survey will be taken by the aquarium experts from the universities of Yangon, Mawlamyaing and Myeik in cooperating with the experts from China and India.

As India and China have good technology to conserve the archipelagoes, the experts’ cooperation could meet with the technical demand in Myanmar, Professor Dr. Myat Lwin said.

Rector, Myanmar Maritime University, Prof. Myat Lwin: Their equipments for measurement are good. We are going to keep discussing with them on what kinds of equipments we will need for that depending on what we are going to perform. They will provide us equipments and we, the experts, will collect data and take survey. We will ask them for technological assistance.

At present, Myeik archipelagoes are facing challenges like decreasing marine resources, deforestation of rainforest and deterioration of coral reefs.

To tackle the issue, the concerned officials are cooperating with the residents residing near Myeik archipelagoes, the Head of Marine Biology Department said.

Head, Marine Biology Department (Mawlamyaing), Prof. San Thar Tun: Fishery resource is getting decline and the corals are destroyed by the residents for various reasons. We need to preserve them. At present, the fishery department is taking preservation process in cooperating with INGO and residents.

The survey is expected to start in coming months as negotiations are underway with concerned officials.