Export Field: Eel To Be Bred For 1st Time

27 June 2017

Eel will be bred in Myanmar for the first time with technical assistance from the Vietnamese experts in order to tackle the reduction of resources.

Eel is one of the most demanding export items from Myanmar. As the exported eels are caught from natural habitats, Myanmar is facing the reduction of resources, Chairperson of the Myanmar eel entrepreneurs association said.

Last year, Myanmar could export only 7,000 tons of eel … 5000 less than the digit before.

Chairperson, Myanmar Eel Entrepreneurs Association, Toe Nandar Tin: We’ve ever tried to breed smaller eels caught from natural habitats but we failed. So this time, we are going to cooperate with the hatchery experts from Vietnam where eel breeding method is developed. We will study there their method and will share to others here.

The plan to hatch the eel is expected to start in August, the spawning period, the chairperson added.

Chairperson, Myanmar Eel Entrepreneurs Association, Toe Nandar Tin: Their spawning period is between June and August. We target to hatch them in August, the best time to do it. We now can identify male and female eels. The next step is hatching. This way, we can prevent the reduction of production.

Last year, 20 million US dollars were earned from eel exports, according to the Myanmar eel entrepreneurs association.