Fishery Expo: To Expand Market And Investment

7 July 2017

Industry leaders from Myanmar fishery sector gathered at the very first expo on fisheries and livestock in Yangon. This event aims to attract new markets and technical know-how for further development of the industry.

The expo is joined by Suppliers, Vendors, Investors and Technicians within the fisheries and livestock industry, features technology, machinery and trade promotion.

The aim of the expo is to expand market share of Myanmar’s surplus fishery and livestock products within the region and to visualize the investment potentials of the sector.

Senior vice president , Myanmar Fisheries Federation, Hnin Oo: In the expo, we have booths for basic fisheries and livestock business, processing technology and medicines for fish disease and others. So, one can get all essential info in one place.

He also added that technology used in the sector needs a lot to work on.

A researcher expressed his view on status of technology used in the country.

Managing Director, Orchard Co., Ltd., Dr. Myint Sein: Myanmar sees fish feeds scarcity, and sometimes the price goes up. So we came to share organic farming method here at the expo. Few people in Myanmar go organic. From 23 years of experience, organic methods prove to be good.

Seminars and Seafood Cooking competition will also be included and the expo will run for 3 days at Tatmadaw Hall until 9th of July.