Interfaith Dialogue : Seeking Common Ground Through Religious Scriptures

16 July 2017

The religious representatives from Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity engaged in the interfaith dialogue to achieve world peace. It was hosted by an international peace organization, Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), in Yangon, on Saturday.

The religious leaders exchanged the true meaning and teaching of religion through understanding the standards of each religion and comparing the scriptures.

The aim is to look for common ground among the different religions. 

Professor, ITBMU , Ven. Dr. Ashin Dahmmapiya : "We have to find the common ground how much think the important for us not for religious for peace, the world peace. That's why, I believe everyone eventually they will come to understand. "..

This peace gathering is to bring harmony and look for unity among all religions.

Founder , Yangon International Church , Pastor Hrang Au Thuama : All the religions need to understand and respect each other. All the people need to follow their religious teaching. By comparing and analyzing, we can understand more each other.

Interfaith dialogues provide and enhance the peacemaking process as well as understand each other.

Principal, Al-Azhar Islamic Institute of Myanmar , Dr. Myint Thein : We need to take follow our religion in worldly matters of our life. How do we need to avoid sins? What are the sources come of the sins? What are the matters of sins and how do we need to find out the solution and benefits? All the religions are intended to peace. We need to build trust and peaceful coexistence among other.

Since all the religions base on loving kindness, passionate, forgiveness and peacefulness, mutual trust can be built through understanding, the attendee pointed out.

Chair-person , Hindu Women of Interfaith , Kathleen Thein : We believe that if we do good deeds, we will feel good results. If you do misdeed you will feel bad results. All the religions are needed to avoid the extremism. We will understand more each other by discussing such kind of dialogue and can avoid the hate speech.

HWPL have been hosting the interfaith dialogues 27 times in Yangon and Upper Myanmar as well. Plans are underway to do more interfaith dialogues program in Myanmar.