Kong crushes box office competition

13 March 2017

'Kong: Skull Island' shakes up the box office this weekend, with a new tale of the mighty ape. Jillian Kitchener from Reuters reports. Reporter, Reuters, Jillian Kitchener <<< King Kong is back, towering over the box office competition. "Kong: Skull Island" has earned a mighty $61 million in North American ticket sales this weekend. The group of explorers and Vietnam-era soldiers weren't expecting to see a gigantic ape on their secret mission to an unexplored island.But that fictional story is dominating theaters... just as Kong is crushing his competition. "Logan" has cruised into second place this week, clawing at $37.8 million in ticket sales. Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine one last time after 17 years in the popular "X-men" franchise. His idea of hiding away on the Mexican border doesn't quite go as planned, with the arrival of a new young mutant. The low budget, horror-thriller hit about race relations remains in the top three this week. "Get Out", has scored another $21 million at the box office...But it's Kong's island that ultimately triumphs over suburbia this week.