Multilateral Partnership: Spanish Companies Seek Investment Opportunities In Myanmar

27 June 2017

Spanish companies are seeking investment opportunities in infrastructure and energy sectors of Myanmar, said at the Myanmar-Spain Multilateral Partnership meeting in Yangon.

Spain, one of the largest markets in European Union, is well-known for road infrastructure, wind energy, as well as tourism sectors development.

The idea of the event is about to know more about each other, through discussions, business networking between Myanmar and Spanish companies.

It also marks as a first step of bilateral relation between two countries, the charge` d affaires added.

CHARGE` D AFFAIRES, EMBASSY OF SPAIN, ALBERTO CEREZO SOBRINO:  “This is only the beginning. From now on, there is thing to increase our bilateral relations because there is a huge potential to develop Myanmar and Spain for every point of view, not only business, but also cultural. I do think that this is only the beginning; we are going to see that more and more Spanish companies coming here to Myanmar.”

The Spanish companies said Myanmar has potentials for the development of infrastructure and energy sectors based on its political and economic landscapes.

The Charge` d affairs added that Spain is willing to bring capital and technical know –how for development of the country’s energy sector.

CHARGE` D AFFAIRES, EMBASSY OF SPAIN, ALBERTO CEREZO SOBRINO: “We do think that doing business is one of the main policies in order to fight against poverty because bringing investment and creating jobs is very important for this country. So for those sectors, you said, energy and investment sectors, a big need in this country and I think we can help bringing investment and know how.”

Myanmar needs to generate 14,000 megawatt of electricity more in order to be accessed by 99% households in 2030-2031 fiscal year, according the Ministry of Electricity and Energy.