Preparations Underway: 1st Myanmar-EU Economic Forum On June 8 In Nay Pyi Taw

6 June 2017

Preparations are underway for the 1st Myanmar-EU Economic Forum set to be held on the 8th of June in Nay Pyi Taw.

Through the forum which also reveals the role of European Investment in Myanmar’s economic development, EuroCham Myanmar aims to provide a platform connecting local and EU business leaders and Myanmar’s policy makers as well.

Issues in Corporate social responsibility, energy, construction, infrastructure, Health and Logistics will be discussed in the forum.

Betterment in energy, logistic and construction fields can attract foreign investments, EuroCham Myanmar’s Executive Director stressed.

Executive Director, EuroCham Myanmar, Filip Lauwerysen: … “I think having a proper energy policy and the proper energy infrastructure and place will really benefits when it comes to attracting foreign investment but also the right form of foreign investment, the investment that creates jobs and manufacturing in the country.” “The logistic groups that issue the position paper in the wide book consist of really really big world players in the field of logistics and also big players in ASEAN.  So there device can really help the government to see what are they looking at, what is the logistic sector looking at.” “The key message in construction is applying of proper standard.”

The forum will find a way to have the industries practice Corporate social responsibility, he added.

Executive Director, EuroCham Myanmar, Filip Lauwerysen: “I think we have a good record and a good experience and also bad experience to share which can contribute positively when it comes to improving good cooperate governance and having the proper CSR policy in place , CSR which comes from the industries self..it's not push on the industries.” “Here the medical supply, medical companies that supply medical equipment and also big players and farmer industries, they issue a position paper in this sector that hopefully can help the ministry of health and all the other players in working out a good proper health policy that will benefit to people of Myanmar and at the same time grantee level playing field for all international players looking at this country.”

Agriculture, finance and banking and legal sector are expected to be focused in the forum next year.