With rave reviews, 'Wonder Woman' readies to launch

31 May 2017

Wonder Woman is finally in the movie spotlight, and expectations could hardly be higher. In the film, Wonder Woman's fitted red and gold bodice doubles as a suit of armor in fight scenes that see her dart and dodge bullets, knives and thunder bolts.  ACTRESS, GAL GADOT <<< "Very fast we understood that the best way to portray her would be to show that she's multi-phased and she's not only super strong and confident and unapologetic but she can be very very vulnerable and confused and insecure but focused on the mission and superstrong. But you know so she's all the above. And I think that because she's not perfect she's more interesting and there is more for us, you know as the audience to learn from her." Reviews for "Wonder Woman" however have been glowing, scoring a rare 97 percent positive rating on aggregator Rotten Tomatoes with critics praising its humor and positive spirit.