SME Landscape: To Get Loan From Bank ‘Important’ : Experts

18 May 2017

To get loan from Banks is important for the development of SME, Small and Medium Enterprises, experts stressed at the workshop in Yangon on Thursday.

The government is now implementing the Credit Guarantee Corporation - it plays a vital role for SME landscape, Country Managing Partner of Deloittee said.

Country Managing Partner, Deloittee, Soe Win: SME development will contribute to job opportunities and agricultural development in the country. So … Credit Guarantee Corporation needs to be successful so that the corporation will be able to determine the amounts they can guarantee if SMEs want to borrow money from the banks.

SME entrepreneurs have difficulties to get loan from the banks when they need to mortgage their properties, Joint Secretary General of UMFCCI pointed out.

Joint Secretary General , UMFCCI, Aye Lwin: There should be a system how the entrepreneurs can borrow money from the bank. In terms of SME, they don’t have enough interest to show to the bank, as well as to mortgage their properties. So these difficulties should be discussed.

Across the country, there are more than 59000 registered small and medium enterprises - most of them run food business.