Sports Sector: Standard Constitution Needed For Progress

2 July 2017

All the federations under the Sport Federation should have a standard constitution in order to develop the sport sector of the country, the Retired Vice Chairman of Myanmar Football Federation said at the meeting in Yangon on Sunday.

The meeting aims to upgrade the constitutions already practiced at some federations on their own.

At present, 26 among 48 federations under the Sport Federation have their own constitutions. The rest still need to draft the constitution.

Retired Vice Chairman, Myanmar Football Federation, Bunny Tin Aung: We already showed them the standard constitution which can be used in drafting the individual constitution. As it is very important for the federation in terms of selecting the executive members and performing sport related issues, all should have their own constitution. They also need to update it.

At present, the remaining 22 federations are planning to draft the constitutions based on the standard constitution. It has 26 articles and the constitutions of all the federations have to be in line with it.