Staging Protest: Demanding Justice And Rule Of Law

11 April 2017

The activists from Myanmar National Network and Monks marched to Kamagyut Township court in Yangon, Tuesday.

ABBOT, MAGWE MONASTERY , PAMAUKKHA: In 2016, when Bengali boat capsized at Sittwe, US ambassador Scot Marciel used term “Rohingya” instead of Bengali community in the embassy’s statement. That’s why national activists gathered in front of US Embassy. However, the authorities took the action against 3 monks and 4 lay person activists. We believed that they all are innocent so we demand to take the action against the Kamagyut Township court judge Daw Thandar Shin because she made the decision to take that action.

Over 50 people including monks and lay people activists marched from the Hledan junction to the Kamagyut Township court chanting the slogans read “We don’t want the police from Kamagyut Township who charged the monks without permission from the state Sangha Maha Nayaka committee, We don’t want judge from Kamagyut Township, and We want to prevail the justice and law and order for the people”.