Technology Development: Sharing Session For Cyber Security

3 May 2017

Aiming for the development of universities and cyber security issue, a meeting for knowledge sharing was held in Yangon on Tuesday.

At the meeting, “iGorup”, information and service provider conducted presentations and shared ways to make the “Yangon University makes better again.

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, IGROUP (ASIA PACIFIC) LIMITED, POTE N. LEE: The attendees will come to know the idea on how other universities and countries have been applying the technology. They will think about the best way to apply for them. We are ready to help with it. For me, education is the most important. Only when we can promote the education system, our country will be developed.

The meeting is also supposed to consider as a first step. Further assistance like providing trainings are willing to be provided for better improvements of those sectors.

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, MPRT E&P GROUP OF COMPANIES, MOE MYINT: This is the first step. The attendees today will submit about the plan to their respective department. And then we will go forward.

If we looked at ASEAN member countries, we are lagged behind among our nieghbours. But we don't need to be disappointed. Because we can learn from what they have done. We can avoid the mistake they have been done. We can catch up them by avoiding their mistake. In doing so, we need technology to leap frog.

It is also advised through the presentation that proper trainings for cyber security.

DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, IGROUP (ASIA PACIFIC) LIMITED, DAVID S. SHAWAH: “When you look at other country that adopt this way of thinking the training and the continued education of intelligent officers, their security does enhance and keep society safe and secured. And the university side, I hope some of the professors and researchers take initiative and utilize our services both information and training services. So, once again, University of Yangon can be great again.”

Professors from universities in Yangon as well as concerned police officials attended the meeting.