Tennis Tournament: ‘2017 Myanmar C.P States And Divisional Inter Club’

22 May 2017

2017 Myanmar C.P States and Divisional Inter Club Tennis Tournament at Thein Phyu Tennis Court closed on Sunday. The tournament organized by Myanmar Tennis Federation started on Monday.

It’s held with the aim of bringing out new talented players, encouraging the tennis sports and building relations among the regions and states players.

Secretary , Myanmar Tennis Federation, Khin Zaw: In these final matches, there’re 2 categories … singles and doubles. Our federation always organizes national level competitions and many others across the country.

Myanmar C.P Livestock Co., Ltd has supported Myanmar C.P States and Divisional Inter Club Tennis Tournament since 2003.

Chief Umpire, Myanmar Tennis Federation, Thein Aung: We held a 13-zone competition across the country for this tournament.  Champion teams from the competition were qualified for this tournament.

The 20 champion teams from the 13-zone competition competed in the final matches.

Player, Central Tennis Club, Ye Myint: I started playing tennis at the age of 16. I also competed in the national and regional level competitions too.

Player, Nam Kham Tennis Club, Sai Aik Pee: Our team has 7 members. It’s the first time for us, for the club, to have participated in competition. 

The prize money for the winner in singles is 300,000 kyats – 800,000 kyats for the winner team in doubles.