Traditional Make-Up: Foreign Companies Show Interest In Thanakha

5 July 2017

Myanma Thanakha has gained a foothold in the international market, as many foreign companies seek to use it as an ingredient for their products, thanakha business operators said.

Thanakha is exported to many foreign countries. As the country continues to open up, more and more foreign cosmetics brands penetrate the local market. Though foreign cosmetics are gaining high market profile, market demand of Myanma thanakha remains high, entrepreneurs said.

Chairman , Myanmar Cosmetics Association, Kyaw Min: There are many people who prefer and love Thanakha. Some use foreign cosmetics in day time … Thanakha in nighttime or during the rest. Many foreign countries show interest in Thanakha to be used in skin care products or cosmetics – it’s even been in testing. Here, although people still use thanakha, they don’t value it much. We organize awareness raising seminars for those working in Thanakha industry.

Shwe Pyi Nan is one of the biggest thanakha exporters in Myanmar, and they agree that there’s great interest in Thanakha from abroad.

Shwe Pyi Nan urged officials to relax restrictions for the development of the market. 

Deputy Managing Director, Shwe Pyi Nann Thanakha, Winn Naing: Many foreign companies show interest in Thanakha, to use it as an ingredient in their products. We are also trying to make Myanma Thanakha as a GIs (Geographical indications) product. We can do it once we have Trade Mark Law. To promote Thanakha, we are planning to organize Myanma Thanakha Day. It will be great if officials can relax some restrictions on Thanakha as it is on the list of the forestry products.

Despite the popularity of foreign skincare and cosmetics, most of the local people still enjoy Myanma Thanakha due to its natural benefits.

Mya Mya Swe: Thanakha is one of the most valuable items in our country. I love it. The youth of today prefer foreign cosmetics Than thanakha. I still see many who love Thanakha.

Thanakha is a traditional make-up of Myanmar women that has been used for over 2000 years now and is still quite popular. Thanakha business operators said they are trying to produce more innovated products to penetrate the global market.