Workshop On NESF: IT Focuses On New National Environmental Policy

19 May 2017

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation organized the validation workshop on National Environmental Strategic Framework in Nay Pyi Taw on Friday.

Since 2015, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation has started to discuss on New National Environmental policy, its strategic framework and its action plans in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and UNDP (Union Nations Development Programme).

Deputy Director General, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, Than Aye: In October of 2015, we have started to draw the policy; firstly we held the discussion with responsible departments and organizations in Nap Pyi Taw and then the 1st draft came out.  For the necessities of the 1st draft, we held the 22 Focus Group Discussions and 5 Multi-stakeholder consultation workshops with NGOs, CSOs, other associations in states and regions. And then we heard the voices of the people in those areas and prepared for the final draft. The policy is built on the 1994 National Environmental Policy, 1997 Myanmar Agenda and 2009 National Sustainable Development Strategy.

On 9th of December in 2016, the National Environmental policy was concluded as a final draft with the aims to establish (23) national environmental policy principles for guiding environmental protection and sustainable development.

National Consultant , Union Nations Development Programme, Yan Min Aung: In the framework, there are two main facts. The first one is what environment is. There may be many opinions and answers on the definition of the environment. So we define this question with 11 themes; biodiversity, waste management, and so on. The second fact is environmental governance; it consists of laws, forces, firming and participations. Among the nations over the world, Myanmar faces only some natural disasters and we can prevent by preserving natural resources.

The strategic framework has been prepared in order to guide the implementation of the National Environmental Policy and facilitate the achievement of the policy’s vision; “A clean environment, with healthy and functioning ecosystems, ensuring inclusive development and wellbeing for all people in Myanmar.”