Art of Turnery: Myanmar Traditional Arts need to be preserved

14 May 2022
2022-05-14 13:19

The art of Panpoot (Turnery) is a process of making designs of objects on a lathe. It is one of the 10 Myanmar traditional art forms which are also called ‘the Ten Flowers.’

Owner, Shwe La Min Turnery Business, Nay Htun said "Currently, we have 16 workers. We have been doing this business as a tradition for 35 years. We have a small enterprise license and forest license. We make all kinds of wooden household items like cutting boards, pestles, saw handles, mattock shafts, shovel shafts and many others."

The products from the business are not distributed to outer marketplaces. Instead, they are directly distributed to the main customers.

Owner, Shwe La Min Turnery Business, Nay Htun said "We have two new generation pupils. I will accept anyone who wants to learn the art of turnery for free of charge. I want the art to live longer. The art is vanishing gradually because new generations are struggling to make a living. At this rate, not only this art but also the Ten Flowers of art will fade away in the near future if we don’t preserve them. The art should be preserved under the national-level programme."

It is known that the rough products from the art of sculpture are smoothened by the art of turnery.

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