Bird Flu Prevention: LBV Discuss The Facts To Prevent The Outbreak

27 September 2022
2022-09-27 14:22

Bird Flu is a disease caused by a virus which is also known as Avian flu. It spreads between bird species and infected birds die from this disease. Currently, due to the outbreak of Avian flu in neighboring countries and preventive alerts has been issued in Myanmar.

Bird flu is spread among humans by closely contact with an infected bird. The main symptoms of bird flu are fever, sore throat, cough, headache and muscle pain and can be found very quickly if people are suffered.

Dr. Min Thein Maw, Director, Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department said “There are 9 facts issued by our department in order to prevent bird flu. For the prevention of outbreak, people must pay attention to the bio safety of poultry farms and to carry out regular pesticide spraying in poultry markets. Also the materials from other farms should not be used and the entry and exit to the farms should be controlled.”

It is necessary to systematically develop bio safety of the poultry farms to prevent the outbreak of bird flu disease.

Dr. Min Thein Maw, Director, Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department said “On the other hand, people need to control the temperature of their poultry farms for good ventilation and they must wear masks and protective equipment and wash their hands often. They should not eat under cooked or raw meats or eggs during the outbreak. If their poultry die suddenly and abnormally, they need to report immediately to our department. After that, they need to cooperate with us in examining the disease.”

People who touch with the dropping of infected birds can get bird flu and people of all ages are susceptible. They should practice good hygiene and cleanliness and people should receive treatment within 24 hours if they are suffered from the symptoms of bird flu.

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