Blinken meets with Congo President Tshisekedi

24 September 2021
2021-09-24 11:32

U.S Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with the Democratic Republic of the Congo President Felix Tshisekedi on Thursday in New York. Blinken and Tshisekedi will discuss the struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic and strategic partnership between the two countries in the Congo basin.

The bilateral meeting took place because the inequity of COVID-19 vaccine distribution came into sharp focus Thursday as many of the African countries whose populations have little to no access to the life-saving shots spoke at the U.N.'s annual meeting of world leaders. The World Health Organization says only 15% of promised donations of vaccines — from rich countries that have access to large quantities of them — have been delivered.
In Thursday's meeting, Tshisekedi thanked Blinken for the U.S. deployment of Special Forces to strengthen the capacities of the Congolese army in eastern Congo to counterterrorism and said his country is happy to benefit from this support.

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