Changes To Adapt: SC Suggested To Adapt The Changes Of Lifestyle

10 July 2020
2020-07-10 10:34

The State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi posted a Facebook status in her page on 9th July suggested the people to adapt the changes of lifestyle needed before the COVID-19 vaccine can be developed.

The state counsellor begins her status with a consideration for the usage of word “New Normal”. She questioned herself about the word whether it can be defined as “the new form of living style. If so, does it mean that as the world will never be the same due to COVID-19, all human beings have to lead the new form of living?

It’s too early to decide for the time being. She pointed out that in the course of the history of mankind, human beings encountered the epidemics.

Due to the wave of plague outbreak during 14th century, it was estimated that the death toll reached to 100 million. As the consequence, the social and economic patterns changed in some societies, but it could not be said that the global form of living was changed. The new pattern of international relation which can be said as the effect of first and second world wars has become old-school.

Thanks to the industrial revolution and the explosion of communication technologies, daily life of all people is subject to change. Our contact through the Facebook now is the result of that change. She concluded that human beings have to survive with the ability of adapting the conditions. Until the covid-19 vaccines and drugs can be developed, some changes of lifestyle will be needed even though it’s not the whole system of living.


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