COVID-19 Prevention Measures

27 July 2021
2021-07-27 13:49

A coordination meeting on COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment measures took place in Nay Pyi Taw on July 26th. Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing attended the meeting and gave a speech. Also present at the meeting were Vice Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services, Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice Senior General Soe Win, Council members and Joint Secretary, Union Ministers, senior military officers and officials. The Chairmen of the Region and State Administration Council also joined the meeting via video conferencing.

The Senior General said arriving vaccines must be injected to patients on priority as quickly as possible. He urged all to strive for the soonest implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination at home. He also pointed out the needs to supervise sales of medicines for prevention, control and treatment of the disease and other household medicines in regions and states because some shops sell the stocks at higher prices and close the sales with storage of medicines to be shortages. The government allows the import of necessary medicines without any restrictions. Medicines must be distributed to the people as quickly as possible. He added that it is necessary to decide whether the patients who arrive at the hospitals are needed to be admitted depending on their health conditions. Treatment must be given to needy persons without fail. He stressed systematic arrangements must be made for oxygen production, importation and supply.

The Senior General also discussed granting permits for the smooth flow of commodities without any restrictions, disaster prevention measures, and disease prevention measures. The participants later discussed plans to transport patients to respective centres depending on the medical tests, the extension of confirmed patient centres, the start of vaccination, smooth import of medicines and oxygen, issuance of pension and salaries, and soonest taking out of medicines from the ports to distribute them to the people at fair prices.

-- End --