Crop circle appears in French field, draws visitors

13 July 2020
2020-07-13 13:02

A crop circle was still attracting curious visitors on Saturday almost a week after it appeared in a field in northern France. The round pattern of flattened wheat showing a cross at the centre was spotted by a local farmer on July 5. Retired technology teacher was among a dozen visitors walking in the field on Saturday afternoon and had come 70 km from Amiens to experience standing in a crop circle for the first time.

She said she believed the cross was a reference to the Knights Templar and to the area's turbulent past. The farmer who owns the field told local media he had been shocked by the interest in the crop circle, which he said has cost him 200 to 300 meters squared of wheat which was due to be harvested next week. Some people believe that crop circles are made by aliens.

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