Cultural Exchange: Classic Music Concert Of St. Petersburg Music House Staged

27 November 2019
2019-11-27 11:08

The classic music concert of St. Petersburg Music House was staged in Yangon City Hall on Tuesday evening.

The concert “Embassy of Musical Mastery” was organized by the Embassy of Russia in cooperation with Myanmar Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs. The Speaker of Yangon Region Parliament, Yangon Mayor, the distinguished guests from Russia Embassy, Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yangon City Development Committee and National Theatre of Yangon as well as the Rector of National University of Arts and Culture attended the concert. Ambassador of Russia Embassy H.E. Dr. NikolayListopadov delivered his opening remark in Myanmar.

Ambassador, Embassy of Russia, H.E. Dr. NikolayListopadov said “I hope this kind of cultural musical concert can create more and more understanding, friendliness and the mutual respect between Myanmar and Russian people. Our Russian Ministry of Culture and Myanmar ministry of religious affairs and culture have many agreement including celebrating the systematic cultural musical concert like this.”

The music concert was the annual celebration and it was the third time in Myanmar. This year concert included the classical musical performance of the two young musicians, Grigory Filipchenko and Ivan Kalatay. The two laureates of international competitions played the famous classic symphony as the solo and duel performance using cello and piano. 

Speaker, Yangon Region Parliament, Tin Maung Tun said “Music is enjoyable and peaceful for everyone. And I also have the experience that music can connect regardless of nations and languages. Russia Embassy brings the culture of classic musical concert for Myanmar people. And now we can enjoy the peaceful music performance.”

"The Embassy of Musical Mastery" is an annual project of Saint-Petersburg Music House bringing both the Russia regions and different countries across the world. The concert is a part of music tours of successful young Russian musicians.

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