Defence Services: SG Meets With Senior Officer Instructors, Female Cadets

9 June 2022
2022-06-09 09:57

Chairman of the State Administration Council, Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met with senior officer instructors and female cadets from the Defence Services (Army) Officer Training School (Hmawby), trainees from the female platoon commander course and senior military officers from the local airbase at respective halls separately on Wednesday afternoon. In his speeches, the Senior General said that female military personnel have been serving duties at the Tatmadaw since 1958.

Female military personnel need to take pride in their endeavours serving at the Tatmadaw of their own accord with patriotic spirit because it is difficult for even males to serve at the Tatmadaw.

Those female military personnel must accept the life of military personnel since their training period and decide to serve the interests of the nation in their careers. They have to study, practise and comply with the leadership knowledge. They must strive for handing over the fine traditions of the Tatmadaw to a new generation of female military personnel in the future.

While serving the duties, as their ranks will be different, they have to make vigorous efforts to accomplish their assignments. They are able to dutifully serve not only at the Tatmadaw (Army) but at the Tatmadaw (Navy) and the Tatmadaw (Air).

They should try hard to have military skills trained in the training courses and systematically serve their duties in their assigned areas. The country needs to have stability and peace under political and security measures for the development of the nation.

It is necessary to restore peace to the whole nation by holding the election. After the meetings, the Senior General coordinated the reports of officials.

-- End --