Election Results Annulled

27 July 2021
2021-07-27 14:09

The Union Election Commission on Monday issued an announcement on annulment of the results of Multi-party General Election, held on 8th November 2020. It stated that the Union Election Commission has inspected the voter lists of 315 townships in details. Moreover, the condition of casting of votes in each polling station and voter lists were inspected together with the respective UEC members, former township election sub-commission, the head of police force, Immigration and Population, administrators and representatives of political parties, and interviewed the election sub-commissions, poll heads and members.

The inspection team has found out over 11.3 million voting frauds across the country. Since there are missing and extra ballots, the voting frauds were supposed to be intentionally committed. It also found out the formation of election sub-commissions with the favour of region/state ministers, two- or three-times duplication of voter lists, mass listing of non-identity voters, the persons repeated on the voter lists more than two and three times under the same NRC Card, door-to-door service in collecting advance votes for voters above 60 years age in some places by the NLD members and activities of the previous UEC violated the law.

Moreover, repeated voter lists and voting of non-identity voters were also found out due to the announcements for voters outside their constituencies on 8th October 2020 and its guidelines on 11th October 2020. Therefore, the results of 2020 Multiparty General Election was annulled as it found to be inconsistent with the relevant Hluttaw Election Laws/Rules and was neither free nor fair.

-- End --