Flood-stranded pregnant woman transferred to hospital in south China

13 July 2020
2020-07-13 15:14

A flood-stranded pregnant woman, who was about to go into labor, was rescued from her flooded house in a south China city. The woman in south China's Autonomous Region, on Saturday called her doctors for help as she felt irregular contractions and needed urgent treatment. However, her access to hospital was cut off by deep floods.

Firefighters, along with a doctor and a nurse, took a rubber vessel to the location where she lives. Upon their arrival, they found that the first floor was submerged. Rescuers had to climb a ladder to reach the woman who was on the third floor. After careful examination, the doctor said she could be transferred to the hospital. Firefighters made careful efforts to help her step down the ladder. It took less than one hour for rescuers to move the pregnant woman to the hospital at last. The county was hit by lasting heavy rainfall on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, the water level of the River in the County reached 111.87 meters, 5.27 meters above the warning line.

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