Fresher Welcome: Pre-Primary Teacher Training

23 September 2022
2022-09-23 19:50

A Fresher Welcome Ceremony for the trainees of Pre-Primary Teacher Training 8/2022 was held at Monywa Education Degree College in Sagaing Region on Friday.

The ceremony was opened with the song “Mingalabar” by the trainees of the Degree College. At the event, the Sagaing Region Chief Minister U Myat Kyaw said that during the course, the trainees will learn education subjects, teaching methods of each subject, physical education, art, industry, agriculture and domestic science for having high morals and excellent teaching.

He urged the teachers to become the ones leading not only in teaching but also in regional development in the communities of their respective places. The Region Chief Minister presented cash for the trainees to the Region Social Affairs Minister.

The Principal extended greetings and a trainee spoke words of thanks. The students from Monywa Education Degree College entertained with songs and dances. A total of 367 trainees are attending the Pre-Primary Teacher Training that will last 8-week.

-- End --