Healthy & Happy Learning: Model School Award For Covid-19 Prevention To Present

13 July 2020
2020-07-13 11:07

In cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Soe Electronic Foundation, under educative awareness program, "COVID-19 Prevention for Healthy and Happy learning”, model school award will be selected from the basic education high schools across the nation.

In Mandalay region, a public high school, a private school and a monastic education high school have been submitted to the Basic Education Department for the model school award. 

Director (Education), Mandalay Region Education Officer Office, Kyaw Swe said “There are 7 districts in Mandalay region. We have proposed a public high school, a private high school and a monastic education high school for the COVID-19 awareness model award and submitted their video presentations to the Basic Education High School. The activity aims to emerge strong, healthy and fitness students for the nation.”

The founder of a private school also shared their activities on COVID-19 awareness program for educational award.

Founder, MKC Private High School, Khin Maung Cho said “Before opening the school, we have prepared for health safety of the students and so that, we participate in the campaign. Based on the indicators for preparedness measures how to manage for the students on coming to the schools and going back as well as break times, we sent the facts by taking photos for submission and also 10-minute video presentation.”

The principal of Phaungdaw Oo monastic high school said this activity aims to raise awareness on COVID-19 for the students as well as for other monastic schools.

Principal, Phaungdaw Oo Monastic High School, U Nayaka said “We participate in the activity because we’d like to know how the monastic schools are conducting COVID-19 preventive awareness in line with the instructions of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Sports. We have also prepared a video clip for the activity. By doing so, it will raise awareness for the students as well as for other monastic schools.” 

First, second and third prizes will be presented for public schools and private schools for the COVID-19 prevention for healthy and happy learning” model school award.The special award for active campaign will be presented for 2 monastic schools. The prizes will be presented in Nay Pyi Taw on 17th July.

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