High Quality Coffee: Efforts For Development Of Coffee Industry

23 September 2021
2021-09-23 12:17

The Agriculture Department under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation is providing necessary assistance for coffee growers for producing quality products.

Myanmar mainly grows Robusta and Arabica coffee.

Coffee beans are mainly planted at YwaNgan, Hopone and NaungCho in Shan State, PyinOoLwin and Mogok in Mandalay Region as well as some plantations in Thandaunggyi of Kayin State. There are over 50,000 acres plantations in the whole country.

Myanmar coffee is now labeled as a specialty brand and achieved good market demand globally.

Staff Officer, Coffee Seasonal Crops Division, Agriculture Department, Aye Sandar Thant said “Myanmar Specialty Coffee has already penetrated the global market. The Specialty Coffee is well-known and achieved a good market demand in Korea and China as well as some western countries like the Netherlands.”

Moreover, plans are underway to secure a firm market in the world, and to become a member of International Coffee Organization (ICO).

Staff Officer, Coffee Seasonal Crop Division, Agriculture Department, Aye Sandar Thant said “There are many rules to be a member of ICO. We are working in coordination with Myanmar Coffee Association (MCA) to be a member of ICO. The process has been delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. If we became a member of ICO, we can catch good market price. We are making efforts for development of coffee industry by joining hands between public and private sector as well as the farmers.”

Coffee is generally regarded as one of the world’s second-most traded commodities after oil in the world. Growing and producing high quality coffee can be considered generating foreign income for the country.

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