Home-Made Mine: Explosion Of A Home-Made Mine Test In Pyay

5 May 2021
2021-05-05 10:20

Five men were killed and one man wounded in an explosion of a home-made mine test in Pyay Township, Bago Region on 3rd of May, according to Myanmar Police Force.

The incident happened in the lemon farm in Kabila village, Natalin village-tract in Pyay Township, at around 5 pm. Upon the information received from the people living near the incident happened, security forces investigated the area. It is reported that the people from the neighborhood heard a loud explosion shortly after six men led by the former NLD party Hluttaw Representative went inside the farm.

Due to the mine explosion, four men, including the former Hluttaw Representative, died at the scene. One of two men being taken to Pyay Public Hospital died of injury in the evening. Security forces conducted a detailed search and found that the wire was connected to a coil about 20 feet west of the scene.

Three batteries, wrapped in blue tape, one keypad phone cover with Hello logo, one Vivo-branded phone case and one battery, one 3-inch empty battery, 5 sets of nut, and one damaged Samsung blue phone were found and confiscated.

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