Illegal trade: Timbers, consumer goods, vehicles seized

28 May 2022
2022-05-28 15:55

The action is being taken under the law supervised by the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee against illegal trades across the country.

The combined inspection team led by the Forest Department confiscated illegal teak doors and parts of illegal teak doors from a vehicle near the Tollgate on the Htantabin-Thidaaye Road in Htantabin Township of Yangon North District on 25 May.

On 26 May, the inspection team seized illegal teak in Taungup Township of Rakhine State.

On 27 May, the on-duty inspection team confiscated vehicle tyres and detergent powder that showed no official documents from a truck at the Kawkareik (Tadakyoe) combined checkpoint.

In addition, Police Force seized an unregistered motorbike and took action under the Export/ Import Law. The Forest Department team captured illegal gum-kino sawn timber and action was taken under the Forest Law.

Therefore, from 25 May to 27 May, six arrests were made, totaling 20.92 million Kyats, according to the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee.

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