Inspection tour: Union Minister inspected newspaper houses in Yangon

7 December 2021
2021-12-07 10:59

Union minister for Information U Maung Maung Ohn inspected Myanma Alinn and The Global New Light of Myanmar dailies in Yangon on Monday.

First, the Managing Director of News and Periodicals Enterprise reported on the publishing of The Myanma Alinn, The Mirror and The Global New Light of Myanmar in Yangon and the operating system of Nay Pyi Taw and Sub-Printing Houses at the meeting hall of The Myanma Alinn. Then, the Union minister coordinated the discussion and inspected the printing factory and staff housing after he cordially greeted the staff.

Then, he arrived at The Global New Light of Myanmar and the officials clarified the operation of The Global New Light of Myanmar, which is running as a joint venture. During the meeting, the Union minister stressed the necessary things to officials and the editorial teams of the News and Periodicals Enterprise (head office), The Myanma Alinn, The Mirror and The Global New Light of Myanmar.

During the meeting, he said the ministry gives priority to the modern news presentation in the form of the public service media. The Prime Minister also emphasizes the role of media, including the print media. The media sector plays a key role in a democratic system and in building a modern nation.

Moreover, the Union minister urged The Global New Light of Myanmar to present the proper image of Myanmar to the world impartially and try hard to grab the interest of international countries and the public.

He finally said that the ministry communicates with the ones from different levels and fields and so it should offer proper public services to achieve the recognition of the people and it also should adopt any possible media-related ways to promote the dignity of the country, State peace and development.

-- End --