Investment Affairs: Union Minister Holds Talks with Concerned Officials

14 May 2021
2021-05-14 10:54

Union Minister for Investment and Foreign Economic Relations, Vice-Chairman of Myanmar Investment Commission U Aung Naing Oo met with the Chairman and members of Kayah State Administration Council and Kayah State Investment Committee members at the office of Kayah State Investment Committee’s meeting room on Thursday.

At the meeting, the Union Minister said that investors are interesting in Kayah State due to its vast investment opportunities, and Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) and Ministry of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations (MIFER) will continuously support for the investment promotion of the State.

He also emphasized to facilitate the investment in accordance with the Myanmar Investment Laws and Rules and procedures and encouraged to monitor and provide necessary assistances to the existing investments which were permitted by MIC and endorsed by State Investment Committee.

The Union Minister informed that Myanmar Investment Commission is formulating the investment policies and strategies in line with the five points Road Map and nine objectives of State Administration Council, and State Committee was urged to promote the investment in agriculture and livestock sector, renewable energy and MSMEs development as quick win projects. The Union Minister underscored to facilitate the process of obtaining endorsement permit timely in accordance with investment laws and rules, and to encourage the manufacturing and service sectors by creating investor friendly environment.

The Union Minister explained the current banking issue due to the act of political agitators and urged the State committee to desseminate information of the government efforts to address the public concerns. Chairman of Kayah State Administration Council and Chairman of Kayah State Investment Committee discussed the matter related to the investment promotion activities and the future development programme. The Union Minister responded the comments and questions raised by the committee members.

The Union Minister also met with the investors and he informed the government’s programme to support the business , and coordinated and facilitated some trade and investment issues raised by the investors.

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