Macron announces additional $295M for Global Fund

22 September 2022
2022-09-22 11:12

French President Emmanuel Macron announced Wednesday that an "addition 300 million euros" had been allocated to the Global Fund over the next three years.
A total of 1.6 billion euros will be given to the Fund between 2023 and 2025.The French leader also vowed to "continue our fight to lower the price of drugs" by investing 250 million euros over three years in the international drug purchasing organization Unit aid. Macron spoke at the public health partnership’s Seventh Replenishment Conference, together with leaders from the US, Japan, Germany, Canada and the EU to announce new commitments to tackle various diseases. The Global Fund is aiming to raise $18 billion in the latest fundraising round. Since The Global Fund was created in 2002, it has saved 50 million lives and reduced the combined death rate from HIV, tuberculosis and malaria by more than half in the countries where the fund invests.

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