Medical Supplies

27 July 2021
2021-07-27 14:01

The import processes of medicines and related materials which are urgently needed for the COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment are continually being permitted through Yangon International Airport, Seaports and border trade posts. On Monday, a total of 27 companies made import processes of 20 tons of liquid oxygen in Bowsers, 45 tons of liquid oxygen in cylinders, 4,205 units of home oxygen concentrators, 5,000 test kits, 28 tons of masks and over 10,000 PPEs by 39 motor vehicles through Myawady, Chinshwehaw, Kawthoung and Tachileik border trade posts including 3,182 oxygen concentrators, 5,000 test kits through Yangon International Airport.

From 12th July, when the COVID-19 outbreak began to rise nationwide, to 26th July, 533 tons of liquid oxygen in Bowsers, 430 tons of liquid oxygen in cylinders, 104 tons of oxygen gas in cylinders, 35,087 home oxygen concentrators, 250,868 Test Kits, 694 tons of Masks, 4 Oxygen Plants and 9 Oxygen Generators have been permitted to import.

During the announced extended public holidays from 26th July to 1st August, the department of trade (Head Office), the Export/Import Business Division and Export/Import Office (Yangon) issue permits of Export/Import applications online as usual. The Ministry of Commerce is coordinating with relevant departments for an easier and faster import process of COVID-19 preventive equipment.

The arrangement has been made to contact the responsible officials from respective trade posts if assistance is needed.

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