Peak holiday travel expected despite high gas prices

29 May 2022
2022-05-29 09:17

This Memorial Day weekend, with surging gas prices that are redefining pain at the pump, that is the question for many Americans as a new COVID-19 surge also spreads across the country.

The average gas price in the U.S. on Thursday was $4.60 per gallon. In California, it topped $6. During the holiday weekend, 39.2 million people in the U.S. will travel 50 miles or more from home.  

Those projections are up 8.3% from 2021 and would bring Memorial Day travel volumes close to 2017 levels. The estimates are still below pre-pandemic 2019 levels, a peak year for travel.

About 88% of those 39.2 million travelers are expected to go by car over the long weekend even as gas prices remain high.

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