Pregnant Egyptian mummy: 1st known pregnant Egyptian mummy found in Poland

2 May 2021
2021-05-02 11:22

The first ever Egyptian mummy of a young pregnant woman has been discovered by scientists from Warsaw University. The discovery was made as part of the Warsaw Mummy Project of Warsaw University, where the research has been underway since 2015.

During the research, scientists performed a total of 250,000 CT scans. The mummy of the pregnant woman was the last of the analyzed mummies and the discovery extended the research period. It was possible thanks to the use of a modern CT scanner, because the mummy is still complete - bandages were not taken down for research purposes.

Researchers began to analyze CT scans and X-ray images in greater depth. Eventually, it was possible to see the entire fetus in more detail. For now, it has been established that the fetus is curled in the embryonic position. Its gender is unknown. Scientists plan to collect remnants of the woman's blood.

Scientists are hopeful that their research will be able to get more answers about the mysterious mummy, because of the good condition of the remains.

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