Quality To Success: 2-Day Brands Of Viet Nam In Myanmar Exhibition

29 October 2019
2019-10-29 16:28

The opening ceremony of 2-day Exhibition “Brands of Viet Nam in Myanmar: Quality to success” was held at Myanmar Plaza in Yangon on Tuesday.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Myanmar, Yangon Region Chief Minister and many other officials attended the opening ceremony. Since the establishment of the Comprehensive Cooperative Partnership in 2017, Viet Nam and Myanmar have achieved significant progress in many areas especially in trade and investment. The Embassy of Viet Nam in Myanmar organizes this exhibition to enhance the exportation of Vietnamese goods to Myanmar, to promote the distribution channels of Vietnamese goods and its services in Myanmar.

Ambassador, Embassy of Vietnam, H.E. Dr. Luan Thuy Duong said “We have three purposes. The first one is to introduce the products to Myanmar people, the second is that we want to message to the Myanmar people that the products from Viet Nam have high quality and we always have the slogan is the quality to success.” … “The third purpose that we want through this exhibition we will encourage more and more Vietnamese business, Vietnamese companies come to Myanmar and do investment and do jut, that will be contribute much the partnership between Viet Nam and Myanmar.”

The Vietnamese Ambassador added that Viet Nam is ranking No.7th among the 50 investing countries and territories in Myanmar with 25 projects amounting to 2.2 billion USD. And it is the 9th largest trading partner of Myanmar with total trade increasing 13% annually over last 5 years – the trade volume amounted to 860 billion USD in 2018.

Exhibition Coordinator, Myo Thant said “Myanmar people need to inspire how the Vietnamese are advancing the standard market and penetrating international markets with quality and branded products. Most of the products displayed here are well-known and branded items.”

The exhibition will run till the 30th of September with 22 groups of companies and businesses working on various sectors and items including electronic products, textile and garment, food and beverage, tourism and logistics.

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