Re-invitation: Citizens in Various Regions Re-invited

7 July 2021
2021-07-07 10:31

The Information Team of the State Administration Council issued a press release on the Re-invitation of Myanmar citizens who reside in various regions for many reasons.

In the press release, it’s said that some university students, State service personnel and numerous citizens have evaded to areas of EAOs and foreign countries due to the incitements and intimidation of NLD members, extremist followers, unlawful associations and terrorist groups such as CRPH and NUG, the stimulation of CDM, and persons and organizations at home and abroad not wishing to restore peace and stability of the State since Tatmadaw assumed State responsibilities on 1 February. They are further worried about the dictatorship statement and speeches of unlawful association and terrorist groups CRPH and NUG, and some relevant persons.

As they face no security guarantee and difficulties in the socio-economic life in those areas, they wish to return to their native lands. The State Administration Council will specifically ease restrictions for service personnel, intellectuals, and persons from various arenas and citizens who absconded from the country.

The exception is for persons who committed murders, robberies, setting fires, mine explosions and intentional attacks on security troops, those who attacked public service personnel, those who destroyed government and private-owned buildings and those who are highly involved in the CDM activities by providing monetary assistance and other means.

As those who evade their native areas are also citizens of Myanmar, the State Administration Council will arrange their returns from the evaded areas to various regions of the country. As such, the information was released that for those who evaded to these various areas, except for persons who committed any crimes, wish to return to their native lands of their own accord due to multiple worries, the citizens abroad can contact a nearby ward, village, township or district administration bodies and relevant embassies, military attaché offices and consulates in accordance with the easing restrictions under the law.    

-- End --