Returnees From China: 26 Myanmar Nationals Returned From China

13 August 2020
2020-08-13 10:23

Myanmar nationals are returning from China through the Myanmar-China border gates in Chinshwehaw Town, Laukkai Township of Kokang Self-Administered Zone daily.

14 Myanmar nationals at 6 pm on 11th August and 12 at 3 pm on 12th August, totaling 26 returnees including 14 men and 12 women returned through those border gates. Of them, 3 from Yangon Region, 3 from Bago Region, 1 from Kachin State, 1 from Chin State and 14 from the townships of northern Shan State.

The COVID-19 Prevention, Control and Treatment working committee of Chinshwehaw Town transported them to return their homes in various regions and states. The Chinshwehaw’s COVID Committee handed over a total of 14,408 returnees including 8,007 males and 6,401 females, to the townships concerned since 30 April.

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