Rise ASEAN: Winners are selected for the national level

27 September 2022
2022-09-27 16:48

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners for short videos of Rise ASEAN“Right Information Saves and Empowers ASEAN” for the national level were selected by Board of Jury on Tuesday.

With the proliferation of fake news and other false information compounding the challenges faced by the ASEAN region in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was proposed by the Philippines to conduct by the ASEAN Member States and Myanmar participated in the project as a member of ASEAN. 

Myanmar Radio and Television under the Ministry of Information organized for the Rise ASEAN Project and announced for the short video content through MRTV radio, newspapers, MRTV website and YouTube. 

The youths aged 18-25 were invited as target participants who are the dominant users of social media where fake news and false information proliferate the most. 

Win Kyi, Dy DG, MRTV (Retired) said "It is based on the guidelines by the project coordinated especially on the focus on the to counter the rumors of fake news especially in the time of after and during the period of COVID-19 to empowered the sectors for example, tourism, transportation sectors of the ASEAN. They would like to empowered ASEAN images among all the ASEAN countries and the regions and the nations.It promotes the idea creativities of the younger generation of the ASEAN countries and it’s very good for the new generations. "

Each participant made for video entries, with 1-minute maximum that show the dangers caused by fake news and misinformation on public health and safety as well as highlight the importance of right information in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Zeyar, Director, MRTV said "We mostly find fake news and misinformation on social media during and afterCOVID-19 pandemic. This contest is held with the aim of how to control and reduce fake news and misinformation which can easily spread among the youths. All participants are excellent and they have own ideas and creativity. We can see their efforts in their short videos. Among them, we will choose those who can give effective messages to the public."

The RISE ASEAN short video contest invited youths who are social media friendly so that they could counter fake news more effectively while promoting more public awareness.

Han Myint, SGM, STL Co., Ltd. said "The creative ideas, presentation skills and creations of the youths are important for winning. I had an experience as a judge in the 3rdSoutheast Asian Video Festival 2019 hosted by Cambodia. I chose the winner videos depending on the structures, how it can entertain the people, give knowledge and creativity with my experiences that l learned."

For the national level contest, Myanmar selected three short videos for the project and 1.5 million kyats for the 1st prize, 1 million kyats for the 2nd prize and 800,000 kyats for the 3rd prize will be presented for the winners.Three entries per ASEAN Member State will be selected as winners and promoted primarily using social media. The winning entries will also be exchanged among the ASEAN Member States for cross-dissemination. 

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