State Macroeconomy: Union Minister Holds Coordination Meeting

15 May 2021
2021-05-15 09:51

Ministry of Planning and Finance on Friday held a coordination meeting on suggestions to be reported for short- and medium-term plans by assessing the figures and data based on the progress of the State macroeconomy.

In the meeting, Union Minister U Win Shein said that the State’s macroeconomic situation was affected by COVID-19 and political changes. He stressed the need to analyze and report the GDP, foreign exchange rate, export and import situation, foreign investment, currency inflation rate, investment of state-owned sector, financial balance and supply of the budget needs, levying taxes, disbursement of loans to the private sector and pay backing the loans. Such reports must be submitted weekly, monthly, quarterly and biannually.

Attendees discussed the collection of the macroeconomic index for the State, formation of task forces, duty and functions, collaboration with other departments, facts about Myanmar sustainable development plan, COVID-19 economic relief plan, and assessment measures based on three economic objectives of the State Administration Council.

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