Station Meeting: SG holds meeting at Pathein Station

5 July 2022
2022-07-05 08:39

Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met with officers, other ranks and families of Pathein Station of South-West Command on Monday.

In his address, the Senior General said according to the State history, geographical conditions and current situation, the Tatmadaw participates in the national cause of the State and the leading role in national politics in accord with the constitution.

To restore peace and stability, the country needs a firm institution. Such an institution is the Tatmadaw which will control the nation as a guardian of the State. Weakness in political knowledge is related to the education standard of the citizens.

Myanmar has been facing low qualifications of education in successive eras. It is necessary to uplift education qualifications in harmony with the health and fitness of the entire nation.

It is necessary to take adequate time for the future of the nation by enhancing the education qualification of the entire nation which is the basis for the country within at least five to 10 years with might and main.

Only when the nation restores peace and stability based on political and security measures, will the nation develop. Only when the armed conflicts of ethnicities cease, can development tasks be undertaken.

Efforts are being made for the nation to reach the politically regular path, and national visions and political visions were adopted. In realizing the multiparty democratic system, the people aspire to, it must be a genuine and disciplined one, and the act should not be done under the disguise of democracy musk In building the Union based on democracy and federalism, the federalism means sharing of executive powers.

And, it is necessary to boom the economy of the people. Currently, although some basic situations are good, there remain armed conflicts of ethnics.

As all are to make efforts for ensuring the prosperity of the nation, talks are held with the ethnic armed organizations for the restoration of perpetual peace.

If the people try hard to correctly carry out the tasks with individual conscience, the country will have deserved progress within five years.

After the meeting, the Senior General presented foodstuffs to officers, other ranks and families through the commander, and the wife of the Senior General gave cash assistance to the station maternal and child welfare association through the wife of the commander.

-- End --