Summer Fun Is Back As Museums and Other Venues Reopen

1 July 2022
2022-07-01 14:57

Local tourist attractions, museums and galleries, cinemas and theaters, public libraries and cultural venues in Shanghai will gradually reopen from Friday.

In order to bring a more comfortable and safe viewing experience to the audience, major cultural and museum institutions are making final preparations for the opening of the museum the day before.

In the Shanghai History Museum, after three years of maintenance, one of the most valuable items in the museum's collection, a glamorous bridal sedan chair reappeared in the exhibition hall on the first floor. During the epidemic, the museum installed the largest and highest high-sealing frameless glass display cabinet on the outside of the sedans.

At the same time, the latest technical equipment was installed in the cabinet to create a suitable exhibition environment. Starting from Friday, the museum will receive 5,000 visitors a day, which is 50% of the original maximum capacity.

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