Technology Innovation: Technology Innovative Seminar In Myanmar

20 February 2020
2020-02-20 16:54

Department of Research and Innovation under the Ministry of Education organized Technology innovative Seminar in Myanmar in cooperation with Linkwise Technology Company Group in Yangon on Thursday.

The seminar aims to exchange the technology innovative knowledge relating to the energy solution, data centre, critical monitoring system, leakage detection system, building management system and smart city and applying them.

Director General, Department of Research and Innovation, Win Khaing Moe said “ It’s a great opportunity for Myanmar and there are many stakeholders and experts from international. So, we can learn their latest products and also their technology through the seminar. I think technology innovation is very important for a country development. The   technical sector in our country does not reach at the satisfaction level. So, we have many plans to collaborate with international organizations to promote technology innovative sector.” 

At the event, speakers and experts from the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and China discussed the topics such as IoT, Electrical Fault Monitoring, Heat Tracing and Wireless Communication and shared the latest technological trends around the world.

Business Director, Linkwise Technology Pte. Ltd, Wilson Tan said “…I think, technology is very helpful in this country…. I would like to give international party to come to this event and to share about the technology. And I think, it will bring many benefits for the country. It’s the reason- I would like to organize the seminar and to let people know about technological uses internationally.” 

Stakeholders from technology innovative industry including representatives from Department of Research and Innovation, entrepreneurs, students and many more attended the seminar. 

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