Thuta Quiz Idol: Season-1 Winner awarded 2.1 million kyats

28 May 2022
2022-05-28 17:25

On 27th May, the Grand Final contest of the Thuta Quiz Idol 2022 was held with the supervision of the Nationwide Association for Buddha Life Stories Quiz.

According to the responsible Sayadaw, this contest encourages the younger generation to embrace the Buddha’s teaching, to be polite and gentle with each other, to admire Buddhist literature and culture and to know how knowledgeable the Buddhist books are. Season-1 Winner awarded 2.1 million kyats and the honorary title of “  Buddhawontha witharada” by answering multiple choice systems. 

Dr. Pandita Beikkhu, Patron Sayadaw (President), Nationwide Buddha Life Stories Quiz Association said "This association has been established for 9 years. We held the contests organized by Nationwide Buddha Life Stories Quiz Association starting from 2012. The Thuta Quiz Idol was held from 23rd to 27th May for 4 days. We aim at the younger generation to incline the religious literature, to know the teachings of the Buddha well, to be kind each other by following the Buddha’s teachings. People who are interested in this contest can study and practice this Buddha Life Stories Quiz via the facebook page “Thuta Quiz Idol”."

Zar Chi Kyaw, Season-1 winner (Thuta Quiz Idol), Latpadan Exam Center, Bago Region said "I am 16 years old now and I have been participating in it since I was Grade-5. I spend most of my time studying. The most difficult part to study is 2nd chapter, 1st series of Maha Buddha Life Stories and the most interesting part is 2nd chapter, 6th series of Maha Buddha Life Stories. I was encouraged by Kyauk-ai Sayadaw U Zarnayya and I’m also interested in this contest to compete. "

The Grand Final of the Thuta Quiz Contest was held on 27th of May and Season-1 winner awarded 2.1 million kyats in this competition. 

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