Airbase Inspection: SG inspects Pathein Airbase of Ayeyawaddy Region

5 July 2022
2022-07-05 08:44

Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspected the Pathein Airbase on Monday.

During the inspection, commander of the airbase Brig-Gen Tun Win reported on matters including implementation of general staff, adjutant and quartermaster functions of the airbase, security measures, patrolling process, the welfare of Tatmadaw members and families and operation of agriculture and livestock farms.

In his response, the Senior General stressed the need for military command to work with local naval and air bases in undertaking rule of law and local security in respective areas with aviation and naval patrolling for controlling the areas and the sea.

They must always be ready to do so. They have to always monitor seaside and delta area security with security knowledge and awareness.

The Senior General gave guidance on the successful undertaking of unit-wise agricultural and livestock farms for the welfare of Tatmadaw members and families and consumption of meat, fish and eggs as well as vegetables at fair prices.

There, the Senior General also inspected duck farms, layer farms, and patches of seasonal crops of the airbase and attended to the necessary things. Also, he inspected the enhancement of the capacity of riverbed soil on the strand road in No. 1 Ward of Pathein.

Director Maj-Gen Myo Thant of the Directorate of Military Engineers and Director-General U Win Hlaing of the Department of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems reported on the process of enhancing the capacity of riverbed soil.

In his guidance, the Senior General stressed the need for efficient use of water sources to benefit waterway transport for smooth flow of commodity to Pathein, implementation of solar-powered river water pumping projects in Ayeyawaddy Region, and systematic utilization of fresh water.

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